Advanced Preferences

The Advanced preference pane allows you to configure advanced behavior for MultiMarkdown Composer.

  • Automatically Link to MathJax CDN for preview and export -- Include a link to the MathJax script automatically.

  • Automatically Link to highlight.js CDN for preview and export -- Include a link to a script to automatically highlight code spans.

  • Include Preview CSS when exporting to HTML -- Include the CSS from a Theme when exportingto an HTML document.

  • Typewriter mode keeps the text insertion point centered when arrow keys used -- Moving the cursor around with arrow keys triggers typewriter mode as well.

  • Automatically update when file is changed by another program -- when the file on disk is changed, incorporate those changes into the open document.

  • Sort Folder Windows -- control whether files are sorted by filename or modification date when opened as a single Folder Window (aka Project Window) with the Pro Upgrade.