Where can I download the beta for v3?

UPDATE: See news about Composer

The beta of version 3 is available for anyone who owns version 2.

Running the beta is just like running the "Non-sandboxed" version:


You can download them here:



Limitations of the beta

The beta is fully featured. There are two main things that are different from final version:

  1. You can't pay for the beta in the App Store.

  2. The parser actually does an extra validation check, slowing it down. This is not noticeable in smaller documents, but as the document gets longer the extra work increases proportionally. This makes the beta not practical for really long documents (e.g. novels, etc).

Updating the beta

Even if the beta has expired, you can still update it to the newest release. You just need to follow the dialogs immediately upon launching the app. It quits after 90 seconds, so you don't have time to go make a cup of coffee. You can always use the direct download links above, however.

Further Information ##

Make sure to read about the beta and upgrade process/options:


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