Composer 2.0 crashes when I try to open a file or create a new document.

Some users have reported a crash when trying to create new documents in MultiMarkdown Composer 2.0. Most often this happens because they have deleted the “Palatino” font from their system, or otherwise changed their default font preferences to invalid values for their machine.

The “symptoms” are that the app seems to launch fine, but creating a new document seems to do nothing, and opening an existing document causes a crash.

A clue that this is the problem is that the crash report contains:

[FTPSmartTextView setFont:]: nil NSFont given.

I have fixed this for the next release, but in the meantime, there is a way to get things running.

First, delete the application preferences. See this page for tips.

Open the “Terminal” application, and type the following:

cd /Applications/MultiMarkdown


./MultiMarkdown\ Composer -defaultFontName "Helvetica"

This will temporarily change the default font to “Helvetica” (or any font of your choosing).

Once the app launches, go to the preferences and choose a new default font that is on your system. Then you can quit and restart the app in the usual way to verify everything is set.

If this fails, you can use this preferences file as a "bare bones" setup that should work and allow you to get things going