Are there any discounts/sales/etc. on MultiMarkdown Composer?

At the current time, the only way to purchase MultiMarkdown Composer is through the Mac App Store. Once you purchase and run Composer from the MAS, you can also download the non-sandboxed version of Composer (**Note**: Once version 2.1 is available in the Mac App Store, many users will no longer need to run the non-sandboxed version and may find that they want to stick with the regular App Store version. Users wanting updates as quickly as possible may continue to use the non-sandboxed builds).

The Mac App Store does not provide a mechanism to offer student discounts, upgrade pricing, etc. There is one price at any given time, and everyone purchasing at that time pays the same price.

Because of this policy, when we released version 2.0, it went on sale at a generous price to allow owners of version 1 to upgrade at a reduced cost. A side effect was that new users could take advantage of the discount as well, making it a great deal for lots of people!

There will occasionally be sales again in the future. The best way to make sure you hear about any discounts or offers will be to follow us on Twitter (@MMDSoftware). This is also the easiest way to hear about new releases, tips, tricks, and bug fixes.

But again, if you own version 1 and haven't tried 2.0, go ahead and download the initial release and try it. We think you'll decide it's worth upgrading!