MultiMarkdown Composer 2.2 beta


Version 2.1b never made it to the App Store -- during testing, I found some problems with 10.7 compatibility, as well as some memory leak issues that caused problems when Composer was left running or used with longer documents.

This prompted a (virtually) complete rewrite of MultiMarkdown, which took a fair amount of time, but less than I predicted. I then used this new code base to rewrite the syntax highlighting code for Composer. This means that under normal use, Composer doesn't leak memory. During my testing this has been the case. Under a few unusual circumstances, a few bytes can leak due to some other code that is in use that doesn't handle certain errors so well. But this is infrequent, and a drop in the bucket compared to what was happening before.

This fix also made the code more robust, which should prevent some of the difficult to track down crashes that were occasionally reported.


See the 2.1 notes for more information.

  • accessibility improvements -- should help those experiencing difficulty with apps like PopClip, and occasionally dictation problems
  • Use MMD-4 for preview/export and syntax highlighting (as above)
  • "Move Preview Left/Right" should properly reflect where the preview pane is under all circumstances
  • Fix crashes that occurred with CriticMarkup functionality and 10.7
  • don't compare files if user hits cancel
  • don't shift right when tab key is hit with a multiline selection
  • add preference to keep the TOC expanded
  • improved ability to locate Mac App Store receipts
  • improved behavior when hitting enter in a list
  • option to save files with different line endings
  • improved behavior saving/restoring window size/positions
  • option to mask [label] in TOC entries
  • improved font panel handling

Download from the downloads page