Editing Preferences

The Appearance preference pane allows you to configure editing behavior for MultiMarkdown Composer.

  • Enable Smart Pairs -- When typing the specified opening character of a pair, automatically insert the closing character as well.

  • "Type over" periods -- If the cursor is in front of a period, typing period will move the cursor over the character, instead of typing a new period.

  • Autocomplate labels -- Offer automatic suggestions when typing inside square brackets ([...])

    • Including footnotes? -- Should footnote labels be included?
  • Continuous spell check -- Enable OS X continuous spell check when typing?

  • Correct spelling automatically -- Enable OS X spell check correction when typing?

  • Use elastic tabstops -- Automatically line up tabs in the document using the elastic tabstops concept. Great for metadata and tables.

  • Append '#' to end of headings -- Automatically set trailing number of '#' characters on headers after hitting return.

  • Apply "Title Case" capitalization to headings -- Automatically capitalize headings after hitting return.

  • Automatically format next list item -- Prepare the list marker for the next item after hitting return inside a list.

    • Skip line between list items -- Insert a blank line between list items when hitting return.
    • Duplicate current line spacing -- Insert blank line before next list item, if the current list item has a preceding blank line.
  • Automatically insert '>' in blockquotes -- Insert blockquote marker automatically when hitting return inside a blockquote.

  • Automatically indent new lines in verbatim -- Automatically insert leading tab(s) when hitting return inside an indented verbatim block (code block).

  • Automatically format next line in tables -- Automatically insert leading '|' marker when hitting return inside a table.