Using various cloud services with Composer for iOS

Composer for iOS stores files in several different folders.

However, some users require a other options. This is where iOS support for "Locations" comes in handy.

  1. In Composer, use the "Open other file..." option to access the iOS file browser.

  2. It should default to iCloud Drive, giving you easy access to the files stored in iCloud for Composer and other applications.

  3. Choose the "Locations" button in the top left corner.

  4. This shows other Locations you can access on your device. These options will depend on which programs are installed on your device. You might be able to add new locations within the dialog, but if not then you can use the Files application on iOS to enable and disable other locations.

*   iCloud Drive -- go back to accessing your iCloud files
*   On My iPad/iPhone -- access local files stored inside the containers of other applications on your device
*   Other possible apps (if you have installed them):
    *   Dropbox -- use the Dropbox app to access any file in your Dropbox account, not just the Composer-specific folder
    *   Sync
    *   DEVONthink To Go
    *   Box
    *   Google Drive
    *   And many others

Using this approach, you should be able to read and write files using Composer using just about any cloud synchronization service!