Issue on macOS 10.11 with MMD Composer 4.5.12

Long story short -- older builds of MMD Composer had some Objective-C memory management errors that lead to strange, intermittent, and impossible for me to reproduce issues. These errors were fixed in build 4.5.12.

However, unbeknownst to me, the fix makes use of improvements to macOS that were made in macOS 10.12. These were not flagged as being incompatible with 10.11 in Xcode. I was able to create a testing machine with 10.11 and reproduce the issue to confirm that is the source of the problem.

Unfortunately, I'm still trying to find a different fix that is compatible with 10.11. I am working on it.

  1. I am did not intend to break compatibility with macOS 10.11. I would like like to preserve backwards compatibility as long as possible. That said, 10.11 is getting a bit old, and I may be forced to break compatibility at some point.

  2. If you upgrade to 10.12, Composer should work fine for you again.

  3. If you can't upgrade to 10.12, you can use Composer version 4.5.10 which was the last version before the fix (4.5.11 is not recommended for use).

  4. If you don't have a backup of your older version of Composer, email me and I can send you one. You will have to replace the receipt file inside of it with the receipt from inside of your current 4.5.12 so that it can be verified and allow the application to run ("right click" on the app and find the _MASReceipt folder. Copy the receipt from 4.5.12 and put inside that folder in 4.5.10 and it should work)

Thank you, and I'll try to get a new version out as soon as I can with a fix.