Pro Preferences

The Pro preference pane allows you to configure options for the Pro Upgrade for MultiMarkdown Composer.

  • Regular Undo -- Follow normal behavior in macOS -- if you Undo several changes, and then type something new, then the Undone changes cannot be Redone.

  • History Mode Undo -- Advanced Undo functionality that allows you to Undo/Redo through the entire history of the document, even after you have made other changes.

  • Undo Coalescing -- Control how edits are grouped for Undo/Redo steps. If turned off, then Undo will step through each character. If turned on, then Undo will step through edits grouped by word/sentence/paragraph.

  • Tab key indents selection instead of replacing with \t -- When you select text and hit the Tab key, then indent the line instead of inserting a tab character.

  • Maximum levels in ToC Sidebar -- Limit the maximum depth displayed in the ToC sidebar.

  • Enable automatic text expansion -- Expand shortcuts into longer text whenever they are typed. Learn more here

  • Require space or punctuation for expansion -- Require one of these characters after a shortcut in order for it to be expanded.

  • Preserve delimiter after expansion -- If a delimiter is required, don't delete it after performing the text expansion.

  • Synchronize themes, CSS, and expansions between devices -- Keep these files in sync so that your customizations can be used across machines.

  • Custom Key Bindings -- Modify the default.keybinding file to customize the keyboard shortcuts for menu bars and to add your own custom macros to Composer. More information here.