When is version 3.0 of MultiMarkdown Composer going to be released?

I try to never set release dates for future versions of software, because when other developers do it the deadlines never seem to be right. As much as I hated when my parents would say this, it'll be finished when it's finished...

That said, v3 has been available in beta for almost 2 years. About the only thing you can't do with it is pay for it. ;)

  • Owners of v2 can use the v3 beta. I recommend almost all users do this.
  • The only situation where the beta is not as good as the full version is for really long documents (e.g. novels, etc.) It's fine for medium length documents.
  • Since the public release of the v3 beta, v2 has been on sale. v3 will be on sale shortly after release. So even if you buy v2 now, and buy v3 when on sale after release, you will still pay the same price.

But in any case, I hope to release v3 soon. :)

UPDATE: See news about Composer