Win a copy of MultiMarkdown Composer version 4!

Composer version 4 has improved support for user customization in a few ways:

  • Customizable Themes -- customize the appearance of document windows and the syntax highlighting. See this page for more information.

  • Preview CSS files -- include custom CSS in the live preview and in exported HTML. In v4, this is now separate from the editor Theme for easier customization.

  • Expansion files -- the Pro version of MultiMarkdown Composer includes built-in text expansion. Type a shortcut and it will automatically be expanded to longer text. This can be used to automatically correct common typos, configure boilerplate documents, and much more.

You can share your own customizations here.

In preparation for the upcoming release of v4, I would love to start getting submissions from beta users for their favorite customizations. Feel free to share them on this site, and any that I like enough to include in the app itself will earn a promo code for Composer for the author (I still need to figure out the details on this, since Composer will be moving to an in-app purchase model, but I'll come up with something.)

Any submissions will be available to the public on this site, so share your best work!