How to run a "Non-sandboxed" copy of MultiMarkdown Composer

NOTE: This applies to Composer v2. v4 has improved support to work around sandboxing, and is not available in a non-App Store version at this time.


The only way to purchase Composer is through the Mac App Store. Because applications sold through the MAS must be sandboxed, however, some users may prefer to run a version downloaded outside the MAS that doesn't have these restrictions. A few important points:

  1. All sales are still done through the MAS (at least for now.) There is currently no way to purchase the app directly.

  2. Version 2.1 adds some features related to Apple's sandboxing that makes it easier to use. Some users may find this to be sufficient and may no longer need a nonsandboxed copy once it's available in the MAS.

  3. I can't release beta versions through the MAS, so if you want cutting edge you will have to download through the web site.

What if I own Composer 1?

If you have purchased Composer 1 through the App Store, please be sure you have upgraded to the most recent build (1.1.2). You can then run the non-sandboxed copy of Composer, version 2.0. You will not be able to run versions past 2.0.

To upgrade to Composer version 2, you can purchase it through the Mac App Store.

What if I own Composer 2?

Be sure that you have downloaded the latest release from the MAS, and run it at least once. This will make it even easier to get the non-sandboxed build to run.

Okay, I've downloaded my purchased version. Now what?

  1. To make things run smoothly, your purchased copy of Composer should be located in the /Applications folder (or whatever the equivalent is for your language). It should not be in a sub-folder or anywhere else. It should be the most recent version. It should be named "MultiMarkdown Composer."

  2. Go to this page and download the appropriate build.

  3. Run the newly downloaded build, and it should detect your previous license and verify it.

  4. Once you get the nonsandboxed version working, you can delete the MAS copy. You may need to reinstall it later in order to upgrade in the future, in which case you would follow these instructions again.

If you have followed these directions, it really should work. The emails we have received where people have had difficulty with this process have occurred when these directions were not followed. If you're still having trouble, please use this site to contact support and we can assist you.

You can check the "Console" application and search for MultiMarkdown. You will likely see error messages indicating that a valid receipt could not be found.