Default Folder X breaks MultiMarkdown Composer and Converter

Several users have written in to notify me that they have had difficulty getting my software to work. Turns out it is because they installed third party software that modifies the behavior of macOS. Specifically, these users have installed Default Folder X.

I don't use that program myself (in fact, I tend to run very little software that interferes with the operating system, which presumably helps to keep my computers crash free.... ;)

Apparently, Default Folder X interferes with the dialog box that obtains permission from the user, so Apple's sandboxing routines prevent my software from working properly.

This includes App Store versions of:

  • MultiMarkdown Composer
  • MultiMarkdown Converter Pro

If you have trouble getting my software to work, you'll have to disable Default Folder X (at least initially, and if you have trouble again in the future.)