Preview Preferences

The Preview preference pane allows you to configure preview behavior for MultiMarkdown Composer.

  • Display preview -- Show the preview any time a new document is opened.

  • Preview starts on right/Preview starts on left -- which side should the preview pane start on?

  • Preview with "Marked" -- Use the Marked application to preview any time a new document is opened.

  • Update preview whenever text changes -- This causes Composer to update the Preview pane whenever any text changes in the editing pane. This allows the preview to be "live." In long documents, you may notice increased CPU usage with this option.

  • Update preview only when file is saved -- With this option, the preview is only updated when the file is saved. This may be useful if you want more control over when the preview is updated.

  • Always perform full reload when updating preview -- Whenever the preview is updated, perform a full reload. This will be a bit slower, but will ensure complete accuracy. This will also reload scripts that run when the page is loaded, such as MathJax.

  • Default Preview CSS -- Which CSS should be applied to the preview?

  • Open CSS Folder -- Open the Library folder where custom CSS is stored.

  • More CSS -- Go to support web page where users can share additional CSS files.

  • Modifier Key for "Scrolling Synchronization" -- Set which key needs to be held to enable synchronized scrolling of the editor and preview pane.

  • Synchronize preview location while typing -- When you type in the editor pane, scroll the preview pane to match.

  • Always synchronize preview -- Force the preview and editor panes to scroll together at all times.