Assistants Preferences

The Assistants preference pane allows you to configure assistant behavior for MultiMarkdown Composer. Assistants are tools that use the content of your document to help better understand the structure and rapidly navigate and edit the document.

Assistants can be shown in two separate ways:

  • HUD -- Show the assistant in a separate window that floats over others. This was the only option in Composer v2.

  • Sidebar -- Show the assistant in a separate pane to the left/right of the editor pane.

The preferences to the left allow you to enable/disable each way of showing a specific assistant. It is recommended to use either the HUD or Sidebar version of each assistant, rather than both. You can set each one independently.

ToC -- Table of Contents. This shows the structure of your document using headers within the document.

Reference -- References are the keywords used for links, citations, and footnotes, including those in included BibTeX files.

CriticMarkup -- CriticMarkup is used to show changes to your document, especially when collaboratively writing and editing a document with others.

Info -- Document statistics, including word, character, line, and paragraph counts, as well as the cursor position.

Preview -- Preview how the finished document will look.

  • Move focus to Reference/TOC/CriticMarkup HUD on activation -- Move the application focus to some of the HUDs when activated -- useful to allow you to rapidly search in the HUD without having to use the mouse.

  • Keep TOC outline expanded -- When editing the document, or searching in the assistant, keep the outline expanded.

  • Continue to show HUD panels in background? -- When changing focus to another application, keep the HUDs visible (default is to hide HUDs when changing to another application.)