Composer for iOS Beta Testing

How do I join the beta test?

You should be able to join by using this link:

What are the requirements for running the beta?

  • The beta should run on iOS 10 and iOS 11, on any iOS device

    • I am wondering whether to continue sorting iOS 10 or not. Realistically, by the time this is finished and ready for sale, iOS 12 will likely be out. Several of the key iOS features needed to keep things simple are available in 11+, but not in iOS 10. We'll see.
  • The beta is very useful with a hardware keyboard of some kind -- there is support for Cmd-Shortcuts if configured via the keybindings files

  • Keyboard accessory buttons under development

    • iOS 10 doesn't properly space the buttons, making it difficult/impossible to access them all on iPhone. They should all fit on iPad, and iOS 11 properly spaces them to allow scrolling when necessary.
  • If you want to customize the available themes, etc.:

    • On iOS 10:

      • You will have to synchronize the files with the Pro version on the desktop. Synchronization isn't immediate, but is usually fairly quick.
      • If your files are deleted, the Mac Pro preferences has a button to restore all deleted files.
    • On iOS 11:

      • You can use the synchronization option above.
      • You can also use the Files application to edit the contents of the folders directly
  • The assistants are mostly implemented:

    • Info bar is functional
    • The preview is functional
    • TOC works, but drag and drop is not implemented
    • References work
    • The CriticMarkup assistant works

How Do I Use the iOS Version?

The fundamentals of the iOS version are the same as the macOS version, but obviously the way of interacting is a bit different since there is no menu bar and no mouse.

That said, the goal is the same -- that you should be able to figure out the basics very easily without instructions, and that the special features should be found easily through looking in the obvious places.

For that reason I am intentionally not going to give any instruction in how to use the app. Poke around and do what you think should work. If you have trouble figuring it out, let me know and I can see if it needs to be made more obvious. (Of course, keep tabs on this page so that you aren't trying to use a feature that isn't implemented.)

Known Issues

  • Keyboard buttons don't space properly on iOS 10

  • Layout doesn't work properly on iPhone Plus models (it doesn't know how to choose the proper layout when turned to landscape orientation.)