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06 Sep, 2017 10:55 PM

B36 on OSX 10.12.6.

Clicking on a top-level item in the TOC appears to normally position that item to the very top line of the editor window. I say "normally" because that's what happens on 13 out of the 14 top-level items I have in my TOC.

But, for the remaining one, when I click on it the item is put on around the 18th line of the window. It is consistent — survives closing/opening the TOC, closing/opening the file, clicking on other items and back to this one, etc. It is not the first or last top-level (it's next-to-last), and there is plenty of text below the item to position it on the top line (I can do manually, in other words).

Also, when clicking on lower level items, e.g. level 2, then the item is not positioned on the top line, but rather several lines below it. Since that is consistent, I assume it's intentional. What I'm not sure of is how you're determining where to place it, because that's not consistent. (I'm bringing this one up because when I click on an item, I want to know where it is on the screen instead of having to go look for it in the 60-65 lines I can see.)

As just one example, I have a level 1 that has three level 2's. Clicking on every one of those level 2's not only positions them at different lines on the screen, they get worse (better) as I go along. For example, the first level 2 gets position around half-way, lets's say line 30. The second level 2 gets positioned about five lines above that, call it line 25. The third level 2 gets positioned about 9 lines above that.

Like the above problem with the first-level, the above positioning for the second levels survives closing/opening the TOC, the file, is repeatable, etc.

I'm not reporting that the second levels aren't positioned exactly at the top; I think it makes sense they're not. I'm reporting that there's no consistency about where they're placed, and that makes me look all over the place for what I clicked on, which makes it much less useful. (And for this I'm talking about editor placement, not Preview placement; I don't care (nearly as much) what happens to Preview.)

If you need to see something, I'll have to see what happens with my test file. This is on my work one.

  1. Support Staff 1 Posted by Fletcher on 07 Sep, 2017 01:29 AM

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    When clicking on the TOC, the section in question (including
    subsections, if any) is centered in the editor view if it fits,
    otherwise it starts at the top.

    This puts the section you desired right in the middle of the window --
    if you're using typewriter mode, this is almost a necessity, and even if
    you're not it allows you to see as much leading and trailing context as

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  3. Vince Rice re-opened this discussion on 07 Sep, 2017 01:51 AM

  4. 2 Posted by Vince Rice on 07 Sep, 2017 01:51 AM

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    Couldn't care less about typewriter mode (but you knew that), but what I described below doesn't match even the behavior you describe (which I'm not crazy about, but at least it's consistent).

    What we click on should be in a consistent location; we shouldn't have to go looking for it. That can be the top, the middle, or 23% of the way down, but it should be consistent. And again, it doesn't match what you're describing.

  5. Support Staff 3 Posted by Fletcher on 07 Sep, 2017 01:53 AM

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    The section, not the title.

    Send pix, b/c I suspect what you're seeing is what I'm describing -- that code is some of the oldest code in v 4, so least likely to have bugs still in it. Possible, but not likely.

  6. Support Staff 4 Posted by Fletcher on 07 Sep, 2017 01:55 AM

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  7. 5 Posted by Vince Rice on 07 Sep, 2017 02:04 AM

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    We can argue about discuss whether it's a bug or a design flaw, but either way, it makes us go looking for what we clicked on. That's a bad UX, even before our screens got big, which they are, which makes it worse. When we click on a topic/title, that's the topic/title we're interested, not the section as a whole. Again, if you want to provide context, that's great. But put it, the thing we clicked on, in a fixed position. Don't make us go looking for it.

    I'll be done now. :)

  8. Support Staff 6 Posted by Fletcher on 07 Sep, 2017 05:42 AM

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    When I click on a section in the TOC, I care about the section not just the title.

    The section is right in the middle -- it can get any easier to find than that.


    I don't plan on changing this one.

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  11. 7 Posted by Vince Rice on 07 Sep, 2017 05:46 PM

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    I know, that why I said I'll be done. But if you counter, I'm going to counter the counter. :)

    And you're right, it can get a lot easier than that. (Freudian typo, methinks. :) Depending on the size of the section, the title can be anywhere in the top-half of the screen. Which means, no matter what I want (beginning, middle, end) in that section, what I want can be anywhere on the screen. When I click on a thing, I want to know exactly where that thing is. I clicked on the title, I want to know where the title is. The section follows the title, so knowing where the title is tells me where everything else is. MMD's way tells me nothing (it doesn't even tell me the middle, because if it doesn't fit, MMD puts it at the top). Why should I have to search all over my screen to find something, when MMD can put it in exactly the same position every time? No reason at all.

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